Custom Glass Products
Made in America
To Order Call 800.772.1477 17447 Kinsman Road
Middlefield, Ohio 44062
Fax: 440-632-5703


Q: How long does it take to have glass made?
A: Etched, Art Glass, True Trim : 3 days. Stained Glass 7-10 days.

Q: How much does custom glass cost?
A: Our glass is usually 30% – 50% less than a cabinet manufacturer. Have your sizes ready when you call for a quote.

Q: How are MGI products made?
A: Our products are made the old fashion way by experienced crafts people. This is “real” leaded and stained glass.

Q: Will the design I select fit the three different size doors in my kitchen?
A: Yes. Our designers will adapt to your sizes and make a matching set.

Q: Will MGI produce an order from a picture or drawing (custom). Will MGI change or modify one of their designs to fit my needs?
A: Yes. We will custom build and design you would like.

Q: Why should we buy from you versus a cabinet manufacturer?
A: We offer many more designs and choices. Our quality, price and design flexibility are more advantageous to you.

Q: Do you sell the wood doors with the glass inserts?
A: Middlefield Glass sells decorative glass inserts only.

Q: How do I prepare my door or remove center door panel so I can install glass?
A: If you are ordering a new kitchen, order your doors “prepared” for glass. If you have existing raised panel doors, those panels can be routed out by us or a wood working shop you find locally. (we do not route melamine doors)

Any questions please feel free to call 800-722-1477 or e-mail us.